What We Do

The Metropolitan Housing Coalition exists to bring together this community’s private and public resources to provide equitable, accessible housing opportunities for all people through advocacy, public education and support for affordable housing providers.

MHC takes a four-pronged approach to education and advocacy efforts: study issues germane to affordable housing and publish printed material about the findings; educate the public and public policy makers at all levels about the issue and its’ impact in our community; form a community-based group to identify obstacles and propose solutions; and implement proposed recommendations

Legislative Advocacy

MHC advocates for affordable, decent housing policies in the metropolitan region, state and nation by outlining and advancing legislative priorities.  Past advocacy successes include:

  • Both the Louisville and Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Funds
  • The Alternative Development Incentives in the Land Development Code
  • Legislation creating a funding source for Individual Development Accounts for Homeownership, among others.


MHC identifies emerging and long-standing trends and issues in affordable housing, as well as the key players involved, in order to craft appropriate responses/policy.  MHC  analyzes housing issues and  policy from a data-driven perspective, then uses this research as a tool to advocate for fair, safe, and affordable housing.

MHC has a long history of important, successful research, as can be seen in our report library.

Community Education

MHC articulates a compelling public education campaign for affordable housing.  MHC maintains a public presence via the media and public statements on behalf of the organization and our members.

Our published reports include the annual State of Metropolitan Housing Report, which provides indicators on nine measures of affordable housing, and issue papers, such as: The State of Fair Housing in Louisville: Impediments & Actions; Where do you Live? Louisville’s Homeless Children and the Affordable Housing Crisis; Vacant Properties: A Tool to Turn Neighborhood Liabilities into Assets;  and Louisville’s Foreclosure Crisis.  We also a publish a  newsletter reaching over 700 people via mail and over 1,500 people via email.  We also send regular informational e-blasts about events and affordable housing issues to our extensive network.

MHC organizes several grassroots committees, including the Louisville Vacant Properties Campaign,  the Fair Housing Coalition, the Education & Advocacy Committee, and the Development Committee.  We create new ad-hoc committees on an as-needed basis.


MHC also works to promote innovative, cooperative, capacity-building relationships and ventures between MHC members , who include neighborhood activists, , non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, banks, and governmental programs.

Non-Profit Housing Alliance (NHA)

MHC operates the Non-Profit Housing Alliance (NHA), which enables its twenty-two non-profit housing developer members to communicate and collaborate.  MHC/NHA facilitates groups, programs, or organizations with common aims to strengthen systems related to housing ventures.

NHA advances neighborhood revitalization and the production and rehabilitation of affordable housing through its  Non-profit Housing Production and Repair (NHPR) Loan Program in the metropolitan area.  The NHPR provides low-interest loans to non-profit builders to ensure the creation of affordable housing.  The total value of this loan pool is over $1 million.

During the 2010 contract year, the NHPR loan pool helped  enable the construction  or rehabilitatation of  150 housing units with total project costs over $25,000 per unit and 16 housing units with per unit costs of between $10,000 and $25,000- a total of 166.

For more information about the NHA, contact Cathy Hinko, Executive Director via email or by calling (502) 584-6858.