Cathy Hinko

Executive Director
cathy@metropolitanhousing.orgCathy Hinko Executive Director Metropolitan Housing Coalition

Long-time affordable housing advocate, Cathy Hinko, first joined MHC’s staff in the Fall of 2004 as the Director of the newly formed Nonprofit Housing Alliance. She became MHC’s Executive Director in June, 2005.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University law School, Cathy practiced with Legal Services offices in Tennessee and Louisville, focusing on housing law. She left practice to run the Section 8 programs for the city and county in the Housing Authority of Jefferson County and became Executive Director in 1998. With merger, Cathy became Director of Strategic Planning for the new Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

Under Cathy’s aggressive leadership, Section 8 program grew from assisting 3,400 families to assisting over 8,000 families. The hallmark of her tenure was partnering with over 20 service agencies to offer synthesized case management and housing assistance to fragile families. Most notably, the Housing Authority of Jefferson County was first in the nation to have a program using Section 8 to help people buy a home, due to Cathy’s persistence and powers of persuasion.

Michael Kolodziej

Development Director

Michael just joined MHC in August. He was born and raised in northwest Indiana, 20 minutes from Chicago. He attended Indiana University where he met his wife, Rachel, a native of Kentuckiana, and earned his bachelor’s degree in US History. They both moved to Louisville to attain their Master’s degrees. He received his Master’s in Public Administration specializing in nonprofit management from the University of Louisville. While in school Michael worked for Metro United Way as a sponsored loaned executive in southern Indiana and for YMCA Safe Place Services as a grant writer.

MHC wishes to thank our past Executive Directors for their valued leadership.

Suzy Post 1989-2002
Jane Walsh 2002-2005

Metropolitan Housing Coalition would also like to thank all of our past employees, interns, volunteers, and everyone else who has worked for and dedicated service to the issue of fair and affordable housing.